“One’s work is a reflection of one’s life at a certain stage in some ways. Photography to me has become a tool that allows the expression and validation of my current understanding of the world. One might use singing or painting to achieve the same goal, that is, to get across oneself. However, the following premise must always remain: to be loyal to what the soul says. That is of utmost importance.”
— Lekui

LKVM Studio is a photography enterprise established in 2014 by Hangzhou artist Lekui and her partner Solav, from Montreal. Together they seek to harmonize a new blend of oriental and western aesthetics.

They’ve acquainted at a time when neither could speak nor understanding each other’s language. In that context, the patience required for mutual understanding must defy formal boundaries, it must transcend words in a effort to perceive the content of one’s heart. Through this experience, their transnational backgrounds have intertwined, to be shattered and ultimately reconstructed in new and once unfamiliar worldview. 

Since then, they have travelled across over a dozen countries together, seeking to identify the philosophy of life that characterizes each region, each regional culture. Breaking the binary vision of a world that limits itself to what the naked eyes sees has been their common resolution, and through open-mindedness, they wish to discover, explore, and assimilate this universe of great diversity. Only with such a dialogue engaged — one with the “other”, with people, nature, time and space — can they approach photography with integrity.